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Personal Tax Service

Advising you on strategies to meet your financial goals

As the owner-manager of a private company, a high net worth individual, a corporate director, or an executive, corporate tax is not your only concern. You should also understand the issues that affect both your personal tax situation and that of your family, and take them into account when assessing your tax situation.

Tax law is complex and rules can change rapidly. Our personal tax professionals can guide you through the many issues affecting your personal and family tax situations with the goal of helping you effectively manage your overall tax burden while ensuring compliance with tax laws.

Personal Tax Compliance

When it comes to assessing your personal tax situation, you should be sure that you comply with tax laws, but you should also know that you are benefiting from any tax credits available to you.

Your trusted adviser should help you prepare your personal tax returns, information returns, and elections, including calculating tax liabilities and installments, using state of the art technology.

Our customizable tax software allows us to analyze “what-if” scenarios and incorporate changes in tax legislation and personal status. And the knowledge gained in preparing personal tax returns should also allow you to proactively identify opportunities to better manage your personal and family tax burdens.

Personal Tax Consulting

As the owner-manager of a private company or a high net worth individual, you want to maintain your personal and family wealth, and the value of your estate. To do this, you could benefit from thorough, strategic tax and financial planning advice that looks beyond the present and into the future.

Drawing on technology and our experience of advising clients with private wealth or those in the private company market, your personal adviser works with you to define your financial goals, design strategies to achieve those goals, and set the plan in motion.

We also advise on and provide a tax-effective approach for important transactions, such as the sale of a business or appreciated property.